Twister Lin
Twister is one of the main protagonists of the stories. 

General InformationEdit

Twister's full and real name is Émilie Lin. In the beginning of the stories, she's 13 years old, making her the youngest of the gorup of five. She's turning 14 and attending the 9th grade at Garimont College. She's born on September 20th. Both her parents are form China but she was born in Canada.

She currently lives in Garimont.


She's a very quiet girl and she doesn't like to share much of her feelings with other people if she doesn't trust them and even when she doesn trust them. Though she doesn't talk much, she thinks a lot and keeps it all inside. She's a very good listener and listening helps her understand situations and feelings, which is why she's so good at solving problems.


Twister was pale skin. Her hair is long and jet black. It gets very messed up so she usually just straightens it and parts it on the left side of her head. She has dark honey-colored eyes but they seem almost grey on the outer ring. She's very skinny and is 1m62.

She doesn't follow fashion and honestly doesn't really care about the way she dresses, but she does have a certain liking with all blouses and the color purple. Her style could be described as confortable and easy-going.


Twister is an only child ans was born on September 31st. She was supposed to have a 2-year younger sister, Laurence, but she died at two years after her birth from sickness.

Twister has traveled a lot on Kaligan Island because he parents could never find a good place to live. They finally settled down in Gaimont when Twister was 10 years old.

Twister attend the Narceline School for Girl for her grade school years. That school was very religious and strict and she completely hated every part of it. So, for high school, she decided to go to the complete kind of school: Garimont College, a place that had a very bad reputation. But that was exactly what she wanted.

She started figure skating at the age of 4. She didn't have any friends at first, but that's when she met Icy, who accepted her and had no problem with her quiet nature.

Love LifeEdit

  • Adam Kim-Harris
  • Greyson Martel-Roy
  • Logan Richards Jr.
  • Noah Romano-Marin