Terra Cheong
Terra is one of the main protagonist of the stories.

General InformationEdit

Terra's full and real name is Jacqueline Cheong. In the beginning of the stories, Terra is 14 years old and attending Plecanay High in 9th Grade. She was born on March 14th in South Korea, just like both her parents.

She currently lives in Plecanay.


Terra is a very bubbly and lively girl. She always seems to have a smile on her face and eases her way through rough situations. She's very clumsy, forgetful and spaces out at times, but that's what defines her. She makes people very attached to her since she,s so lovable and joyful. She also likes peace and quiet rather than a lot of noise.


Terra has pale skin. Her ash brown hair ends just after her shoulders and is naturally wavy. She has brown eyes and chubby cheeks. She also has a very curvy figure and measures 1m57.

Usually, you'll see Terra wearing very simple clothes. She prefers comfort over everything. She likes to waer graphic Tees and jogging pants or leggings. Occasionally, you can see her wear jeans. She also likes to wear her hair either in a neat bun or a high ponytail. She likes to carry her cute Japanese-styles backpack with her at all time.


Terra was born on March 14th and is the younger sister of twin brothers who were born 15 years before her., she never sees them and has no memory of who they could've been since they moved out together when they were 18, on a quest for adventure in the great state of California.

Up until the age of 8, Terra lived in Denveraux. Her parents then decided to move to Plecanay since it would be closer to their jobs. Whislt living in Denveraux, Terra had only one friend: Lucas, whom she liked to call Lunatic Lucas. And he called her Jolly Jackie. When she moved, the two of them lost contact.

In her grade school years, Terra attended the Fierpond Elementary school, that is very far from her new house. So, for high school, she decided to go a bit closer to her house and attend Plecanay High.

She began figure skating at the age of 4, where she met Static for the first time in her life. They weren't very close in their younger days though since Terra was so happy and Static was complining all the time.

Love LifeEdit

  • Derek Jacobs
  • Dylan Demir
  • Philip Anderson