Static Rivera

Static is one of the main protagonists of the stories.

General InformationEdit

Static's full and real name is Jonnah Lyne Rivera. In the beginning of the stories, she's 14 years old and attends the 10th grade at the Bagatel School of Performing Arts. She is born on June 1st. Her mother is from the Phillipines and her father originates from Spain.

She currently lives in Avan-Tory.


Static is a bit of a drama queen sometimes and she can get very emotional for things that aren't usually important. Though, if you're feeling down, she'll always find the right words to say in order to cheer you up. If she doesn't like someone, she won't express it through words, but her tone and body language may give her out. Static likes to deny a lot of things even when she knows they're true.


Static's skin is a golden brown. She has pale freckles and her eyes are honey-colored. She has wavy dark brown hair, but she decided to add red, light brown and blonde highlights into it. She's very skinny, has soft dimples and is 1m59 tall.

She likes to dress well. She put a lot of attention on the details: belts, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. She likes to have studs on what she wear and loves jackets. Her hair is usually seen is a messy bun. Her style could be described as a little bit hipster, preppy and hardcore.


Static is an only child an was born on June 1st in a hostipal in Avan-Tory, very close to where her parents lived. Though during her birth, her father was absent because he was on a three-week long business trip in Peru and could not afford a trip back home.

When Static was younger, she wanted to live in Disneyland ever since a girl in her class showed her pictures on all the castles there. her parents disapproved ans she would get very mad every time they refused.

She started figure when she has four years old. Her parents liked that sport a lot because they could keep an eye on her all the time while she was on the ice. She was always the loudest one in the group.

She also took many music classes when she was younger at the Bagatel Elementary School because her parents wanted her to develop an artistic talent. After a while, she discovered she liked the violon the best. She then decided to continue high school at the Bagatel School of Performing Arts, where her musical talents can blossom.

Love LifeEdit

  • Jeremy Martel-Roy
  • Nicolas Moretti