Pyro Taylor

Pyro is one of the main protagonists in the stories.

General InformationEdit

Pyro's full and real name is Angeljoyce Marie Taylor. In the beginning of the stories, she's 13 years old and attending 9th grade at the Turain Abbey Institute for Girls. She's born on April 27th. Pyro's mom originates from Thailand, whereas her father is American and was born in New York, making her a half-white, half-asian girl.

She currently lives in Côte-Caron.


Pyro is the nicest one of the Rainbow Clique. She's always willing to help out whoever's in need and she always put other's needs ahead of her own. She hates drama and especially hates getting involded into drama her friends have created. She hates swearing and is very poised. Even if she doesn't like someone, she'll try to stay as nice and polite as she possibly can.


Pyro has a golden tint to her skin. She has long jet black hair that she dyed copper. Her eyes are big and grey. She's 1m55 and has natural rosy cheeks.

Often, you'll see Pyro walking around wearing shorts patterned dresses with leggings. She doesn't like to have her hair fall in her face so she usually lets in hang in her back, but add many colorful pins to stop it form falling into her face. Her style could be described as preppy and young.


Pyro is an only child and was born on April 27 in Montreal. Soon after she was born, her parents decided to move to a clamer and less urban place. They chose the small corner of Kaligan Island: Côte-Caron to raise their daugther. Her parents were always very portective of her and scared to let her go out into the world alone.

Pyro lived with her overachieving cousin, Eleanor, until the age of five. Then, the two parted their ways when attending grade school. Eleanor decided to move attend a school in England and Pyro settled for a good school on Kaligan Island: the Turain Abbey Elementary School.

Pyro started skating at age 7. There, she made a lot of new friends. That's also when she befriended Static and Terra along with many more people. She also practice painting, swimming and dancing, but at age 10, she decided figure skating was what she really wanted to do.

Love LifeEdit

  • Chase Gomez
  • Dominic Maglieri
  • Ethan Reilly

What Pyro had for Ethan was nothing more than just a crush. They never really date and the first time they did go out, it was a group date, she had her first kiss and there was an incident that caused the end of their friendship.

  • Hunter Reed
  • Lucas Laine