Icy Dufresne
Icy is one of the main protagonist of the stories.

General InformationEdit

Icy's full and real name is Vanessa Dufresne. In the beginning of the stories, she's 14 years old, turning 15, making her the eldest of the five and attending the 10th grade at the Woodrain Academy. She is born on August 31st. Her mother is form Vietnam and her father is purely form Québec, which makes her half-white, half-Asian.

She currently lives in Woodrain.


Icy liked to lead and to be heard. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind and usually doesn't think before she speaks. She has no thought filter, so if she doesn't like someone, she won't be afraid to say it to their face. She honest about her opinions and swears a lot in general, much to the dislike of her friends. But deep down, she's sensible and covers that with a tough exterior.


Icy has fairly pale skin and three little moles on her right cheek. Her hair is naturally golden brown, but she dyed it dark brown and added teal/ocean blue tips. She has pale baby blue eyes and is short at 1m54.

She hates wearing pants and is usually seen in skirts and dresses. She enevr misses an occasion to show off her style and likes to be well-dressed no matter the event. She's always in fashion and also likes to take care of her hair by curling of braiding it. Her style could be describe as vintage, glamorous and classy.


Icy is an only child and was born on August 31st. She has lived in her house in Woodrain even since she can remember.

Even though she's an only child. her mother is the second to youngest daughter in a family of ten kids and her father in the middle child in a family of five kids. So, she has a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins.

For her grade school years, she attend the Blurain Elementary School where she met Wren, who also happened to be her immidiate neighbour. The two bonded over the years and became best friends, practically family since their parnets got along so well with each other too. For high school, Icy, going to the Woodrain Academy was separated form Wren but they remainded best friends even then.

Icy started figure skating at the age of 7. She started drawing/designing at the age of 8 and started to dance, mostly ballet, at the age of 9. Since she's not type to study, she's been able to balance her activities with school work.

While figure skating, she met Twister and the two became as thick as stone, Icy being the leader and Twister, the follower.

Love LifeEdit

  • Adam Kim-Harris
  • Damien Fontaine
  • Nick Allen
  • Philip Anderson
  • Romeo de Simone
  • Sam Robinson