Flo kovalenko

General InformationEdit

Flo's full name is Florika Kovalenko. In the beginning of the stories, she's 13, turning 14 and attending the Turain Abbey Institute for Girls in the 9th Grade. She's born of September 9th. Her father is from Ukraine and her mother is from Ireland.

She currently lives in Côte-Caron.

Flo is Pyro's school best friend, but doesn't seem to particularly enjoy the presence of her other friends. 


Flo is a big attention seeker. She likes to be the center of attention, but won't admit. One of the reasons she likes Pyro is because she'll never try to steal her thunder. She very religious because of her school contexts and she follows all the rules, all the time. She likes to be in control of everything.


Flo has pale skin and freckles all over her face but wear a lot of makeup to cover them. Her hair is naturally dark brown, but she bleahed it and added light brown highlights. Her eyes are forest green and she's 1m59.

She dresses very preppy, enjoying the polka dots, the striped and the pleated skirts. She wears a lot fo navy, oxblood and light brown and loves to dress like she has a uniform on all the time, even adding white socks to her outfits.


Flo was born in Ukraine and immigrate to Canada with her parents at age 5, where they went on to live in Côte-Caron. She's an only child that is very high maintenance.

As soon as she arrived to her Canadian elementary school, the Turain Abbey Elementary School, she wanted to shine. She signed up for every single activity and every club there was.

She met Pyro while trying figure skating. Since she talked a lot, no one wanted to help her and Pyro was the onyl one there. That's how they became friends.

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  • Wren Skowronski