Corina ryder

General InformationEdit

Corina's full name is Corina Ryder. In the beginning of the stories, she's 14 years old and attending the Vallimont School in the 9th grade. She was born on August 2nd. Her mother is form Michigan and she knows nothing about her father and his past.

She currently lives in Vallimont.

She's a neighbour of the Martel-Roy family and a friend of Static, mostly, but also of the rest of the girls.


Corina is an introvert and does not like to share her feelings. When the girls first meet her, she's struggling with bulimia and self-harm and she struggles with this throughout their friendship too. She has difficulty expressing herself and doesn't like doing it either.


Corina is a beautiful girl, even thought she doesn't see it. Her skin is pale, almost white, except for her rosy cheeks. She has slighty waved dark brown hair ending  at the bottom of her back. Her eyes are pale green and she's 1m64.

Corina likes to wear long sleeves to hide the scars on her wrists and bulky sweaters to hide the shaoe of her bosy when she goes to school. She doesn't feel confortable in anything sliming.


Corina was born in Vallimont and is the single daughter of a single mother. Ever since her birth, she has never been told anything about her father and doesn't dare ask anything about him.

She attended elementary school at the red Valley school and always had difficulty fitting in and making friends.

At 13, she went through a hard period in her life, sort of a identity quest and when she meets the rainbow Clique, she,s still going through it.

Love LifeEdit

  • Hercules Ryder
  • Jeremy Martel-Roy

It was nothing more than a simple crush.