Constance malo

General InformationEdit

Constance's full name is Constance Malo. In the beginning of the stories, she is 12 years old. Her parents are from Hawai. She is part of the Pink Trinity.


Constnace is very sweet and shy. She doesn't speak very loudly and is usually fearful of taking risks. She doesn't like danger and will express herself when she doesn't feel safe or secure.


Constance was born on Kaligan Island and has lived there all her life. She has an older brother, Luke, who doesn't seem to care much about her or just family in general.

She started figure sakting at age 6. She very shy and the other people who spoke to her were Icy and Twister. At one point, she met Jen while skating. Jen saw something special in her and recruited her. Since they didn't live too far far each other, Constance sometimes invited jen over because she was one of her first friends.