Brooke hart

General InformationEdit

Brooke's full name is Brooke-Lyne Hart. In the beginning of the stories, she's 14 years old and attending Plecanay High in the 9th grade. She's born on June 16th. Both her parents orginate from Michigan.

She currently lives in Woodrain.

Brooke is Terra's best friend at school. Even though she doesn't know the other girls much, she gets along pretty well with them.


Brooke is a person that you can love with no difficulty. She's very smart; the smartest in her grade actually, with many awards. She's very cultured about everything and loves to learn. She's a great lostener, but she's also very charismatic. She's always willing to help out others and everyone loves her.


Brooke's skin is pale with a light shade of brown because of tanning. She has long golden brown hair that makes beautiful curls, but she often straightens it. Her eyes are light green and she's 1m62.

She isn't that much into fashion, but she dresses well. She's very casual in the way she dresses and she likes to pair everything with a brown cardigan.


Brooke was born in Michigan and moved to Kaligan Island with her two younger sisters, Candice and Demi, when she was six. She was always the gold child of the family, but she took great care of her sisters and never made herself superior  to them.

When she arrived on kaligan Island, Brooke joined a band at her elementary school and that got her some popularity. She has the lead singer. Unofrtunately, that didn't last long, but because of that, people knew her and seemed to really like her.

Love LifeEdit

  • Damien Fontaine