Bay karlsson

General InformationEdit

Bay's full name is Bay Layla Karlsson. In the beginning of the stories, she's 13 years old and attending the 9th grade at the Jack Rodain High School. She's born on April 9th. Her father is from Sweden and her mother is form Norway.

She currently lives in Fierpont.

Bay is Kim's best friend and is also a fashion model who works alongside Logan.


When you first meet Bay, she seems very shy and mysterious. She doesn't talk much, but her looks attract a lot of people and she bases herself a lot on them instead of communicating.


Bay has pale skin and high rosy cheeks. She has very defined traits and a small nose. Her hair is natural straight and  dark blonde, but she bleached it and added pink tips. Her eyes are see green and she's 1m67.

She likes to dress very delicate and pastel. She likes flowy skirts and lace. Her main colors are white, pink, cream and coral. She likes floral patterns a lot and loves the vintage and soft style to go with her personality.


Bay was born in New York and she's an only child. She travelled a lot in her childhood and arrived on Kaligan Island at age 12. Because she was never in a place off, she has difficulty making friends.

She started modelling at age 12, just a little bit after arriving moving to Fierpont. A scouter spotted her while she was walking on the street with one of the friends she made during the day, Kim; the first friend she had made in a very long time.

Love LifeEdit

  • Philip Anderson
  • Simon Paulin-Bessette