Ava kennedy

General InformationEdit

Ava's full name is Avery Grace Kennedy. In the beginning of the stories, she just turned 16 and is attending the Bagatel School of Performing Arts in the 11th grade. She was born on July 27th. Both her parents are from Washinhton, in United States.

She currently lives in Avan-Tory.

Ava is the youngest sister of Valentine Kennedy. She's the best friend of Nina, a figure skater and a good friend of the Rainbow Clique.


Ava is very friendly and likes to make new friends. She's very lively and very very smart. She's mature, but she can be crazy and wild sometimes, especially when she's hanging out with friends. She's also very sweet to everyone.


She has rosy skin. She has long wavy ash brown hair with blonde tips. Her eyes are light green on the inside and aqua blue on the outside. She's slender and 1m66.

Ava has a very mature style. She likes to wear confortable clothes, but they look nice because of her body shape. She likes pants and neutral colors a lot.


Ava was born in Toronto and her family moved to Montreal when she was five. After a while, they went to Vancouver, but finally stelled to live in Avan-Tory on Kaligan Island when she was 10.

Her sister was always a golden child, but they shared a very good relationship so Ava never hated her for that. In elementary school, Ava actually proved she could be better than Valentine is a few domains, like sports.

Ava met Nina when she began skating at age 9. They instantly became friends.

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