Andrea flores

General InformationEdit

Andrea's full name is Andres Flores. In the beginning of the stories, she' 13 years old and attending the 8th grade at the Caraza Elementary School. She's born on December 16th. Her father is from Argentina and her mother is from Mexico. 

She currently lives in Caraza.

She's the younger step-sister of Mikayla Flores-Cruz and a figure skater along with the Rainbow Clique since they were very young. She's one of the best skaters and their club.


Since her birth, Andrea had lived in an environment where she got everything she wnated at the click of a finger. Thsi has turned her into a spoiled child who can't take no as an answer. Even though she has everything, she's very ungrateful for what people do for her. She's also very manipulative and acts very hypocritical with people she doesn't like.


Andrea has very tan skin. She has a full head of dark brown hair with natural light brown highlights. Here eyes are sando-colored and she's 1m59 tall.

She likes to wear brand clothing all the time, even if it's for a practice and has a new outfit practically every day. She doesn't follow fashion, she only wears what's more valuable.


Andrea was born in Mexico on December 16th and moved to Kaligan just a few months after her birth. Her step-sister, Mikayla, decided to stay with her father and her step-mother and come to Canada with them.

Ever since her birth, Andrea's sister has always been very portective of her, always watching over her and making sure no one picks on her. This protection made Andrea feel superior and like nothing could touch her.

At age 6, she began to skate, finding in this sport the popularity she always wanted. Even though she is spoiled and girly, she worked hard to be the best and that,s what she became, though she used her success to rub her talent in everyone's face. At age 8, she tried to befriend Icy and Twister, who were well-know at the club as a unique duo. They never accepted her because of her annoying personality and she,s held a grudge ever since.

Love LifeEdit

  • Philip Anderson
  • Damien Fontaine