Abigail demir

General InformationEdit

Abigail's full name is Abigail Demir. in the beginning of the stories, she's 6 years old and attending the Arcolin Arcolin School. she's born on July 3rd. she is of Turkish Descent.

She currently lives in Denveraux.

Abby, a nickname given to her, by most of her older acuaintances, is Dylan Demir's younger cousin. During the summer of Year 2, she attends the Denveraux Dream Camp, where grows fond of her camp instructor, Terra.


Abigail is young and very curious. she likes to ask a lot of quesitons when she doesn't know something. she has a wide imagination and a very open and and creative mind for such a young child.


Abby has pale skin. She has big eyes in a shade of dark jade green. Her hair is light brown and ends at her chin and is very wavy, almost curly. She's 1m12.

Abigail is a very girly girl. she loves anything pink or pastel-colored. she mostly enjoys wearing summer dresses with cherries on them and white shoes.


Abigail is the older sister of a 4 year olf brother, Edward. she was bron in Turket and so was her brother, but they moved to Kaligan and three because her parents wanted to be closer to their relatives (Dylan's family) in Canada.

Abigail adapted very well to the change of language and culture. she made friends very easily at her school, the Arcoling School.